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How to Colour Your Hair at Home With LIVE

LIVE Colour Hair Dye from Schwarzkopf

Whether you’re a home hair dye virgin or regular user, follow our simple how to guide to ensure you achieve the best colour result.  


  1. Decide on which colour you'd like to go for your new look.

    Choosing the right colour is important to make sure you get the best result. For hair colour inspiration use Choicify to find the amazing variety of shades LIVE has to offer. From warm browns to cool blues, LIVE has the shade for everyone.

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  2. Always do an Allergy Alert Test 48 hours before you colour.

    Perform the allergy alert test on an area of skin sized approximately 1 cm × 1 cm on the inside of the elbow, use only the colour cream. After 45 minutes, wash off the cream mixture thoroughly with lukewarm water.

  3. Make sure you have enough boxes of hair colour.

    It’s important to make sure you have enough colour for your hair, if you have long or thick hair it’s worth buying two or maybe three boxes to ensure full coverage. For more information check out this article with Lyndell Mansfield.

  4. Have all of your hair colouring equipment in front of you.

    Protection is very important for example an old towel or t-shirt or gown if you have one. Invest in a good pair of vinyl gloves to prevent staining on your hands. Any hair colouring brush will work but if you’re at home without, tooth-brushes will also work to colour the hairline or treat yourself to a tinting brush.

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  5. Read the instructions thoroughly.

    Always read the instructions included in the pack. This will give more detail on the colouring process and help you get the perfect look.

  6. Section your hair.

    Section your hair by dividing it into four parts. This can be done from forehead to nape of neck and then from top-of-ear to top-of-ear. 
    Head to this article with Lyndell Mansfield for more information.

    Top Tip: Add some petroleum jelly around your hairline before applying dye to make sure your hair is the only thing being coloured.

  7. Mixing permanent hair colour.

    Before mixing the colour make sure you have everything you need in front of you, as well as having your hair already sectioned so the colour can be applied straight after mixing to keep it fresh. To mix the colour pierce the colour crème and empty into the bottle, making sure to squeeze from the bottom to get all the colour. Replace the lid of the bottle and shake to blend.

  8. Mixing semi-permanent hair colour.

    Semi-permanent ranges such as Ultra Brights don’t need to be mixed, the colour can be applied straight from the tube. Want to change up your colour without the commitment? Then read more on the Ultra Bright’s range.

  9. Touching up your roots.

    Dot the colour onto your head and then rub this into your roots, to stop an overload of product. 

  10. Colouring your whole head.

    Always start with the mid lengths and ends, to colour these put the colour into your hands and rub in like you would with conditioner. Once covered then use a root technique like the one described above to finish off the colouring process. 

    The development time varies with each range so please always read the instructions included in the box carefully.

  11. Rinse.

    At the end of the development time put the gloves back on again and apply warm water to the hair. Work into a lather, spreading around the hairline remove any colour. Rinse thoroughly until the water runs clear.

  12. Condition.

    Apply the Care Conditioner included in the box onto towel-dried hair and leave for 2 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. Afterwards, your hair will feel soft and shiny.

  13. Finish your look.

    Dry and style your hair as normal. Make sure to lots of selfies and tag us in them on social to be featured! @livecolourhair

    Top Tip: Ask for helping hand - If you can get a someone to help, this is particularly useful if you have thick or long hair. Have a mirror behind you and maybe a hand mirror to make sure you’ve got into all the sections!

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