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Our Top 9 Bright Hair Colour Looks

LIVE Colour Hair Dye from Schwarzkopf

Subtle just doesn’t suit everyone, right? If intense and vibrant colours  have you double tapping all over Insta, then it’s time to meet the most major bright hair looks around...

LIVE Colour Hair Dye from Schwarzkopf1

Purple Pink Ombre 

Ever heard of the saying ‘why have one colour when you can have three’? Yeah, neither have we - but it’s totes appropriate here. Create your custom shades by mixing any of our LIVE Ultra Brights range together.

Image credit: @ambermichelleconroy
LIVE Colour Hair Dye from Schwarzkopf2

Pastel & Bright Pink

There's no denying our love for all things pink. Work the two-toned look with loose curls and a choker for a killer AM-PM style. <3

Image credit: @ch32
LIVE Colour Hair Dye from Schwarzkopf3

Bright Purple

Power to the purple! Turn up the vibrancy with our LIVE Purple Punk and you’ll legit be in hairspo heaven.

Image credit: @iridescentfaerie
LIVE Colour Hair Dye from Schwarzkopf4

Multi-toned Hair

Some call it galaxy hair, we just call it one cool-as combo. Separate your hair into strands and get painting with the colours that are doing it for your ‘do.

Image credit: @jcinness
LIVE Colour Hair Dye from Schwarzkopf5

Blue with Purple Tips

Consider your flick on fleek, because this dreamy shade just took our hairspo next level. Hit our LIVE Electric Blue and finish the tips with our LIVE Purple Punk. Winter blues? Tick, tick tick.

LIVE Colour Hair Dye from Schwarzkopf6

Vibrant Turquoise 

And whipping that hair doesn’t stop there. Embrace those mermaid vibes using our LIVE Turquoise Temptation  semi-permanent shade. Tempted - yes we are.

LIVE Colour Hair Dye from Schwarzkopf7

Bright Red

Bright’n’bold is the name of the game with this one. Inject a red-hot burst of colour whenever the drab starts to hit using our LIVE Pillar Box Red. Hello holiday hair prep.

Image credit: @wonderful_u
LIVE Colour Hair Dye from Schwarzkopf8

Red Ombre

Calling all of you that are redhead obsessed (us included). Vibrant locks needn’t be out of bounds to dark tresses, by pre-lightening your locks before colouring with our LIVE Pillar Box Red, intense colour is oh-so achievable.

Image credit: @kainaat89982

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