Reviews Content Policy

  1. 1.0 Content Policy
    1. This Content Policy sets out the terms of use of any information, material and content which you and other users of this Website post, contribute or otherwise submit to the Website. This content is generally known as 'user generated content' or 'UGC' and includes any product reviews you submit to the Website.
    2. Your use of the Website and any UGC submissions you make mean that you accept, and agree to abide by, this Content Policy, which supplements the General Terms of Use of this Website ("General Terms").
    3. Please see also paragraph 3 of this Content Policy regarding our responsibility to you in respect of UGC.
    4. We may from time to time provide guidance to help you to understand and respect the principles of this Content Policy, including in relation to certain types of UGC that you submit to us. For example, please see the Product Review Guidelines at the end of this section.

      Submitting content to this Website

    5. Paragraphs 1.6 to 1.10 below set out the rules for contributing UGC to the Website, the ways in which we and other users may use your UGC, and how you can use their UGC.
    6. You promise to us and agree to ensure that:
      1. any UGC that you submit or post does not contain any personal information about you or any other person. 'Personal information' is any information that could potentially identify an individual, such as their last name, date of birth, email or home address, information about their family or other contact information;
      2. all information that you submit or post is accurate, true and up-to-date in all respects at all times and is not misleading in any way;
      3. all UGC posted by you is lawful and not defamatory, abusive, threatening, harassing, obscene, discriminatory, likely to cause distress, intended to incite hatred or otherwise objectionable or embarrassing to any other person;
      4. after receiving a warning, you do not continue to post or submit comments that are not related to the subject matter of the page on which the comments are being posted; and
      5. any UGC you submit or post is not in breach of any other person’s rights, including any copyright, image rights or other intellectual property rights and, in the case of any content that you do not own, you have permission from the owner of those rights to use and to permit its use as contemplated by this Content Policy and the General Terms, and by any third parties that we may authorise.
    7. You may not:
      1. distribute or post any links, including links to websites, files or links that open or run programs;
      2. distribute or post any messages in relation to a dispute about any decision we make concerning your conduct under this Content Policy;
      3. distribute or post spam, in particular by sending unsolicited marketing messages or other messages to anyone, or submit or post chain letters or pyramid schemes;
      4. post or transmit any advertisements for, or solicitations of, business;
      5. distribute viruses or any other technologies that may harm the Website or the interests of any users of the Website or otherwise interfere with or disrupt our systems;
      6. except as permitted under the General Terms or under this Content Policy, copy, modify or distribute our content or trade marks, or any content or trade marks owned by a third party or other users of the Website, unless you have their explicit permission;
      7. impersonate another person or otherwise misrepresent your affiliation with a person or entity;
      8. harvest or otherwise collect or use information about others without their explicit consent;
      9. where applicable, allow any other person or entity to use your log-in details or account for posting or viewing comments or continue to use the Website whilst your registration is temporarily suspended or after your registration has been permanently terminated;
      10. engage in any other conduct that restricts or inhibits any other person from using or enjoying any area of the Website, or which, in our judgment, exposes us to any liability or detriment of any type.

      Your content

    8. By submitting or posting any UGC to the Website, whether text or pictures or otherwise, you are promising to us and to other users that:
      1. you either own all rights (including copyright) in that UGC or that you have obtained the necessary permissions to make the UGC available through the Website in accordance with this Content Policy and permit its use via the Website and by any third parties we authorise, and that you will provide us with evidence of such permissions should we require; and
      2. you will not be infringing anyone’s rights or breaching any law or regulation (including data protection and privacy laws) by contributing that UGC and by allowing it to be used in the ways described in this Content Policy.

      Who can use your content and how they can use it

    9. When you contribute UGC to the Website:
      1. you are granting us and any third parties we authorise unlimited, non-terminable and free permission (including the right to sublicense that permission) to use, re-use, copy, adapt, abridge, amend, distribute, modify, translate, publish, perform, display, develop, reproduce, communicate to the public and to make your UGC otherwise available in any form and/or by any media (whether now known or devised in the future),including through any on-demand or broadcast service, whether on a commercial or non-commercial basis anywhere in the world. By way of example only, this will include permission to:
        1. make your UGC available through the Website to other users of the Website;
        2. use all or part of your UGC for publicity purposes including in our marketing campaigns and adverts, whether online (such as via this Website, other online services and platforms, emails including newsletters or posts via third party social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest) or offline (such as in printed material or via TV or other broadcasts). Whilst we are not obliged to do so, we reserve the right to contact you (e.g. via your email address) before making any use of your UGC in adverts or marketing campaigns; and
        3. allow any third parties authorised by us to reproduce, display, publish, communicate, perform and/or embed your UGC on their platforms, including their websites and applications.
      2. you are granting to every other user of the Website unlimited, non-terminable and free permission to use all or any part of your UGC on the same terms as you are permitted to use their UGC, as described in paragraph 1.10 below.

      Your permitted use of UGC on the Website

    10. You may view any UGC posted to the Website for your own personal and non-commercial purposes only. You are not, in any circumstances, permitted to:
      1. make commercial use of any such content;
      2. edit any such content; or
      3. remove, obscure or otherwise tamper with any copyright and proprietary notices that relate to, or are contained within, the content.

      Suspension and termination

    11. We will determine, in our discretion, whether there has been a breach of this Content Policy, in whole or in part, through your use of the Website. When a breach of this policy has occurred, we may take such action as we deem appropriate.
    12. Failure to comply with this Content Policy constitutes a material breach of our General Terms on which you are permitted to use the Website and may result in our taking all or any of the following actions:
      1. immediate, temporary or permanent withdrawal of your right to use the Website;
      2. immediate, temporary or permanent removal of any posting or material uploaded by you to the Website;
      3. issue of a warning to you;
      4. bring legal proceedings against you for full reimbursement of all costs we suffer or incur (including, but not limited to, reasonable administrative and legal costs) resulting from the breach;
      5. take further legal action against you; and
      6. disclose such information to law enforcement authorities as we reasonably feel is necessary.
  2. 2.0 Inappropriate UGC and misuse of the Website
    1. We may (but are not obliged to) monitor the UGC on the Website, but please inform us if you spot any abusive content or inappropriate behaviour that breaks the terms of this Content Policy.
    2. If any content on this Website makes you feel threatened or abused, or if you believe that any content on the Website is offensive or otherwise breaks the terms of this Content Policy, please contact us using the contact details on the Contact Us page.
    3. We reserve the right (but we are not obliged) to do any or all of the following for all users:
      1. record the UGC (including any communications) posted or uploaded via the Website;
      2. investigate a claim that any one or more items of UGC do not conform to the terms of this Content Policy, and determine in our sole discretion to remove or request the removal of the UGC;
      3. remove without notice any UGC that contains personal information relating to any person, or that is abusive, illegal or disruptive, or that otherwise fails to conform with this Content Policy whether before or after such UGC is disclosed on the Website. In relation to any product reviews you post, we may remove a product review if, in our reasonable opinion, your review indicates that you have not followed the appropriate usage or safety instructions provided with the product;
      4. edit or remove any UGC posted, uploaded or submitted by a user to appear on the Website, regardless of whether such UGC breaches this Content Policy; and
      5. temporarily suspend or permanently terminate your access to the Website for any reason (including for repeat copyright infringement) and at our sole discretion. The length of temporary suspensions may vary depending on the reasons for the suspension. If we suspend or terminate your access under account, and you try to access the Website via another account, we may suspend or terminate your access to that other account, too.
    4. If you disagree with a decision made by us, please email us at You must not post UGC to discuss, dispute or argue about any decision we make.
    5. Any decision we make to remove or request the removal of any UGC or to terminate or suspend the account of any individual shall be final and binding. The termination or suspension of an account shall apply to any and all user accounts that may have been used by that individual, whether or not opened by that individual.
  3. 3.0 Your obligation to reimburse us in full if you break the terms of this Content Policy
    1. You agree only to submit or contribute UGC in accordance with this Content Policy. You agree that you will reimburse us (and our employees, officers, agents and suppliers) in full for any damages, losses, costs and expenses, including reasonable legal fees we incur that arise as a result of you breaking any of the terms in this Content Policy.
  4. 4.0 Our liability in relation to UGC
    1. We provide the Website in good faith, but we do not promise the truth, accuracy, integrity, quality or completeness of the information or other content or postings, including UGC, that appear on the Website and you should not rely on them being accurate, truthful or complete.
    2. To the fullest extent permissible under applicable law we disclaim any and all promises, warranties, conditions, or representations relating to UGC. In particular:
      1. we are not responsible for verifying the ownership of any content posted or uploaded onto the Website; and
      2. any posting of comments or information on the Website is the opinion of the person posting only and in no way reflects our opinions or attitudes, nor constitutes any form of recommendation, representation, endorsement or arrangement by us. To be clear, each user acts on his/her own behalf at all times and does not act as our representative or agent in any way.
    3. We will not be responsible or liable for any form of direct, indirect, consequential or special loss you suffer in connection with your UGC including any direct or indirect loss of profits; revenue; business; data; opportunity; goodwill; reputation or business interruption.
  5. 5.0 Copyright complaints
    1. We respect the intellectual property rights of others, and we prohibit users of this Website from submitting, uploading, posting or otherwise transmitting any materials that infringe or violate another person’s intellectual property rights.
    2. It is our policy to comply with clear notices of alleged copyright infringement. If you wish to submit a notice of alleged copyright infringement or a counter-notice, please contact us by email at
    3. Additionally, it is our policy to terminate usage rights and any applicable user accounts of users we determine to be repeat infringers of others’ copyright. Please see paragraph 2 for further details.
    4. Content hosted on third-party websites accessible from this Site is the responsibility of those websites, and not our responsibility. If you are the copyright owner of content hosted on a third-party website, and you have not authorised the use of your content, please contact the administrator of the hosting website directly to have the content removed.

Product Review Guidelines

  1. We would really love to hear about your experiences with our products and always value your feedback. Our Website allows you to provide comments on our products and share your experiences with us as well as other customers, who may find these useful when making future purchase decisions.
  2. We want to ensure that the reviews you contribute to our Website are informative, constructive and safe for all visitors to enjoy. These Product Review Guidelines ('Guidelines') set out key ‘do’s and don’ts’ that we ask you to follow when writing and posting your product reviews on the Website.
  3. These Guidelines form part of our Content Policy so please read them carefully before writing any product reviews or posting them to our Website.

    The 'do's' - How to write a good review

  4. Here are some useful tips on what we think makes a good review:
    • Explain "why" - The best reviews include not only whether you liked or disliked a product, but also why. You’re welcome to make comparisons with our other products.
    • Keep it focused - Your review should be relevant to the product you’re writing about and focus on specific features of the product or your experiences. Keep on topic: if you were interested in using this product and were reading the review, think about what you would want to know.
    • Be creative - Show your personality and creativity. Share with us your personal story about your particular experiences using the product.
    • Be honest - We welcome your honest opinion about the product. We do not remove reviews because they are critical. We believe all feedback that is fair and balanced can be helpful information and can help us and other customers.

    The 'don'ts' – Things you should not include in your reviews

  5. In accordance with our Contents Policy, you’ll need to ensure that you comply with the following rules:
    • Only use your words. Please don’t copy or plagiarise another person’s material when producing your review. We only allow you to post reviews that you have written and are your original work.
    • Don’t share confidential or personal information. Please do not include anything in your reviews that could compromise your privacy or safety or that of any other person. In particular, you may not post any information that contains any of your or another person's personal data (e.g. name, address, date of birth or other contact details) or financial or other confidential information.
    • Keep it legal and courteous. We do not permit you to include any material which is illegal or defamatory, abusive, demeaning, threatening, harassing, obscene, discriminatory, likely to cause distress, intended to incite hatred or otherwise objectionable.
    • No spam. You are not allowed to post advertisements for, or solicitations of, business or any marketing communications whatsoever. You must not post the same or very similar reviews many times.

    Your feedback

  6. Your feedback, suggestions and reviews about our products are always gratefully received by us however you understand that we may use these without any obligation to compensate you for them and you are, of course, under no obligation to us to provide them.