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Advice about Semi Permanent Hair Dye

Learn how to get the best results when applying and maintaining semi-permanent hair dye with Schwarzkopf LIVE Colour.

Ready for some colour without the commitment? In the videos below, Leanne Lim Walker talks through some of the most frequently asked questions, tips and tricks when it comes to semi-permanent hair dye! 

Why is there no developer lotion in the LIVE Ultra Brights or Pastel colours?

The LIVE Ultra Brights or Pastel range doesn’t have a developer lotion in-pack because they’re semi-permanent colours. This basically means that the colour sits on top of the hair, whereas a permanent colour gets right inside the hair (and it’s the developer lotion that helps this to happen). This means that on its own, a semi-permanent colour won’t cause additional damage to your hair. A semi-permanent colour will usually be applied directly from the tube, so don’t panic if you think the developer lotion is missing from the box.

How long does a semi-permanent hair dye last?

The result of any hair dye and the time it will last, for both permanent or semi-permanent colours, can be dependent on many things; your own hair type, how often you colour your hair, your natural hair colour and the colour you’re applying. Always do a strand test, underneath your hair at the back of your head, so you can check the colour result and how long it will last. Our LIVE Ultra Brights or Pastel range is designed to last 12-15 washes, depending on your individual hair history and type.

Is there anything I should do before I colour my hair?

You should use a deep cleansing shampoo two days before colouring. This will help remove any styling product or colour build-up and prepares the hair for when you are ready to colour. Once you’ve deep cleansed, you should try to avoid using any more styling products before you colour. 

How do I create a pastel colour?

It’s really easy to create a pastel shade with the LIVE Ultra Brights or Pastel range. Mix up a small amount of the semi-permanent Colour Cream with the in-pack conditioner or our new LIVE Pastel It! in a non-metallic bowl to create the perfect pastel shade. The in-pack Instruction Leaflet gives guidance on the mixing ratios (as they vary by shade) and the colour that you mix up is a good indication of the colour result. If you want the colour to appear more intense, then just add more colour cream to the mixture. To achieve a vibrant result like Leanne, you can also apply the Colour Cream directly from the tube.

How do I get a silvery tone to my hair?

You can achieve a silver tone with LIVE Ultra Brights Steel Silver. Or if you like to be creative with your colour, you can also achieve a silver tone using LIVE Ultra Brights Electric Blue. Just mix a pea-sized amount of the Colour Cream with a tennis ball-sized amount of conditioner or LIVE Pastel It! and apply on lightened or light blonde hair. We recommend doing a test stand before a full head application.

I’m worried about using more than one colour in my hair, won’t they just run together?

Don’t worry, there will always be an element of colours blending together when rinsing, so you should stick to the bolder colours on the ends of your hair. This will make sure that the stronger colour pigment doesn’t run into the lighter areas when you wash your hair. In general, some colour running will actually help to create a more blended finish.

Want any more hair colour advice?

We have outlined some of the most popular semi-permanent hair colour advice here, but if you would like more personalised advice, you can speak to a colour expert. Drop our Schwarzkopf Advisory Service a line on Freephone 0800 328 9214 (UK), 1800 535 634 (Ireland) or email at

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