#generationcolour celebrates everyone living their best lives. Giving you the freedom and confidence to colour, Schwarzkopf LIVE has a colour for everyone. Be bold, be bright, be you.

    Offering a portfolio of permanent and semi-permanent shades, from banging brunettes to striking silver, whatever colour you feel reflects your personality and style LIVE has a shade to match it. Hoping to give newcomers to the colour category a nudge of confidence and encourage existing fans to keep experimenting #generationcolour is proof that no matter who you are, Schwarzkopf LIVE has the tools to help you be the best version of yourself.


    Confidence Through colour

    Generation Colour is for anyone and everyone. With each of the girls bringing to the table a unique life experience, there’s not a personality, wardrobe or lifestyle Schwarzkopf LIVE doesn’t suit.

    Working alongside the women to style their fresh new colour, Schwarzkopf LIVE Ambassador Lyndell Mansfield was on hand to ensure each shot displayed their individualism and style.

    “Generation Colour is a celebration of feeling empowered inside and out, no matter what age, background, body shape or hair type you are, there has never been a better time to express yourself through colour. Everyone gets to be the best, boldest and brightest version of themselves.”

    Lyndell Mansfield